Please choose one of the following plans.

Our plans are set by a number of machines you require to have Bimbeats data capture technology. The web based visualization, analytics, alerting, reporting platform is available to an unlimited number of users in the business. We use proven database technology,  Elastic stack, to help empower users to store, access and use their data to help their business. If you have more than 500 users contact us for Enterprise licensing and IT setup.

up to 50 machines




up to 100 machines




up to 250 machines




up to 500 machines




* All prices in USD

** All costs are for Bimbeats license only do not include Server infrastructure hardware, cloud hosting or Elastic Enterprise support costs.

*** Subscription includes 

  • Access to all our latest version of Bimbeats integrations
  • 3 day email turnaround on support issues. 
  • Access to our company analytics to share and use our latest visualizations, customization and setup. 
  • Access to the knowledge base and deployment training material.

Would you like us to help with deployment?

We can work with your IT and Company stakeholders to ensure your deployment runs smoothly and is tailored to your needs.

You can deploy on any of the major OS’s On Premises or in the Cloud.

Databases, IT Support Solutions, Email, Slack and more.

Integrate with your Organisations IT security we can connect with LDAP, AD, PKI, SAML & OpenID.

Want us to take care of everything? We are happy to provide a full service solution for clients who want to just focus on what they do best, and let us take care of the rest.

Do you need additional support or customization?

If you need additional support, custom integrations or customization to your setup, beyond what is described above, please contact us and we will be happy to work with you.