Who is Bimbeats for?

Bimbeats accesses the proprietary data in Architecture, Engineering and Construction Applications. It supports desktop and cloud CAD/BIM/CDE solutions, and allows organizations real-time insight & analytics to better understand their Technical Users, IT, Training needs, Project software usage and requirements.

Executive Managers

Look at your organisations total digital footprint, software usage, total hours spent on softwares, which IT investments are being used the most by staff.

Project Managers

Review work completed on projects in real time, measure progress and track efficiency improvements with investment.

IT Managers

Review AEC software tools strain on hardware, monitor crashes, performance across all hardware, security and usage issues relating to CAD/BIM software.

BIM Managers

Use metric to check training adoption, software efficiency, 3rd party software use and what tools are being used on specific projects. Be alerted to digital project health across all CAD/BIM tools and demonstrate efficiency and best practice gains.


Understand the impact and uptake/usage of all your dynamo/grasshopper scripts. Track performance, script sizes which projects they are being deployed on and who is creating scripts.


Understand your software usage patterns and identify potential improvement areas. Find experts and resources in those areas. See what kind of tools others across the company are using, what kind of scripts they are running on projects.


Bimbeats currently supports real-time data pipelines from the following sources








In the future we plan on providing support for the following software. Not necessarily in that order: 

  • IFC (In Beta April Release)
  • FlexLM (In Beta April Release)
  • BIM 360 Revit Models and Docs
  • AutoCAD Civil 3D
  • Tekla
  • Microstation

We offer flexible pricing plans for any company size

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up to 50 machines



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up to 250 machines



up to 500 machines



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